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What to Expect at Your Second Pregnancy Ultrasound in Germany

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Zuletzt aktualisiert am 10 January 2024

If you’re having a baby in Germany, you are scheduled to have three main ultrasound appointments – in week 9-12, week 17-20 and week 30. All of these appointments are covered by your health insurance.

(There may be more depending on your individual situation but every pregnant person will have these three ultrasounds at their OBGYN practice. You can get an overview of all the medical appointments during pregnancy in our article.)

Here’s what to expect at your first ultrasound appointment in week 17 to 20:

In your second ultrasound exam, you'll finally be able to see your baby in more detail.

The doctor will take measurements of your baby's tummy, head, and thigh bone to make sure everything is developing properly and that your little one is the right size. They'll also check where your placenta is positioned.

If you're curious about the gender, they might be able to tell you during this ultrasound – do let the doctor know if you prefer to keep the gender as a surprise. After this second ultrasound, your OBGYN may recommend an additional, extended ultrasound (called “Feindiagnostik” in German or anatomy scan in English), where they take a closer look at the baby's internal organs if there are any concerns.

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