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English Postnatal Yoga & Exercise Classes in Berlin & Online

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Pregnancy, birth and motherhood bring along a lot of changes for your body. So after your baby is born, it is recommended you take a postnatal exercise course ("Rückbildungskurs") to help your body rebuild your core muscles, strengthen your pelvic floor, help combat bad posture from nursing and carrying your baby, and more.

These courses can be attended with or without baby – sometimes it is specified if it is strictly one or the other. They are also a great way to meet other families in your neighborhood.

Different types of classes

Postnatal Exercises (Rückbildung) - these courses are offered by many midwifes, midwife practices and hospitals (usually in German but some in English). They are paid for by your health insurance.

Postnatal Yoga - an alternative to a “regular” Rückbildungskurs.” (Pelvic) floor exercises are integrated into a yoga practice, which also focuses on your breath and posture. If offered as a closed course, your insurance may pay for the course (check with the provider).

Cantienica®- you may see the note “Cantienica® method” for some of the courses listed below. So what is Cantienica®? Cantienica® is a holistic method to work with the body that focuses on strength, alignment and posture. These courses are only partially covered by your health insurance – enquire about the amount you will need to pay out-of-pocket.

Personal experience: After our first child was born, I first did a regular “Rückbildungskurs” at a local midwife practice. However, afterwards I was still having regular pains related to my pelvic floor, so a friend recommended a Cantienica® course (offered by Glücksmama in German), which was great and helped me address my aches and pains holistically. After our second baby was born, I went straight for the Cantienica® course and did not regret it, even though it was more expensive than a regular “Rückbildungskurs.”


It is recommended that you start your postnatal course no earlier than 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery or 8 weeks after a C-section, once any birth injuries have healed.

For a postnatal yoga course, it is usually recommended to wait a bit longer.

Check the course description to confirm.

(Your insurance will want you to have finished the course latest 9 months after giving birth, if the costs are reimbursed).

📍 However, since spots for these courses book up quickly, I would recommend booking one ahead of time and estimate the start date based on your due date.

Classes Held in English

While there’s many classes held in German, courses held in English are more rare so we’ve compiled an overview for you below so you can choose your Rückbildungskurs in Berlin in English:


Prenzlauer Berg


  • Hebammenzeit – online and in person postnatal exercise class, closed course for 8 sessions

  • Hebammenpraxis Bauchgefühl – in-person, covered by German health insurance

  • Lotos Yoga - online and in person “Post-Natal Yoga with Baby”

  • Irene Tribal Shakti - online and in person "Mamasté"

  • WellFitMama – in-person Mama Fitness Class (with or without babies)

  • YOU GLOW – in-person postnatal yoga with baby, closed course for 8 weeks (reimbursable by health insurance, held in German but the teachers can assist in English)


  • Elements of Birth - check back for new dates

  • Every-Body - online and in person “Post-natal Yoga,” closed course for 8 sessions (covered by health insurance)

  • Hebammerie - in person/online “Postnatal Exercises according to the Cantienica® Method”, closed course for 8 sessions

  • Klinikum am Urban - in person postpartum exercise class for 8 sessions (covered by health insurance)

  • Manoah Zentrum – in person "Rückbildung" in English



  • Midwife Jana Dahms – in person postnatal recovery course (8 appointments, covered by German health insurance)

  • Viva Studio – in person "Postnatal Yoga" (the instructor teaches in English and German)


  • Bewegungsraum / Melanie Zervos – in person "Rückbildung and Postnatal Yoga" as well as online pelvic floor class (the instructor teaches in English and German)


  • Heviana - in-person "Post partum gymnastics"

Online Only

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