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Medical Appointments During Pregnancy in Germany

By Lisa H

Last updated on 10 January 2024

In Germany, pregnant women have access to regular obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN) and midwife appointments throughout their pregnancy.

These appointments are typically covered by health insurance and are an important part of ensuring a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Note that you can choose to have most appointments with either your OBGYN or midwife, except for the three ultrasound appointments.

After your pregnancy has been confirmed, you will have regular checkups every 4 weeks until pregnancy week 32. From week 32 to 40, checkups will be every 2 weeks. If you surpass your due date (which is not uncommon), checkups will be every 2-3 days. There are also some additional tests (see below).

At your first appointment, you will receive your "Mutterpass" and a schedule of appointments leading up to your due date. Again, you may also schedule none, some or most of these appointments with your midwife.

During appointments, the doctor or midwife will monitor the progress of the pregnancy, check the baby's growth, and perform any necessary tests or screenings. The results will be noted in the above mentioned "Mutterpass." They may also provide advice on nutrition, exercise, preparing for childbirth and answer your questions.

While everyone’s schedule will be different, here are the key appointments in most pregnancies:

Depending on the expecting mother’s age, the couple’s family history and other factors, there may be additional appointments with your OBGYN, midwife or other healthcare professional.

Learn more about how to find a midwife and how to work with a doula.

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