What is a Mutterpass?

01 March 2023 | Before Your Baby is Born | By Lisa H

At your first appointment with your OBGYN or midwife, you will receive a little booklet called a “Mutterpass” in German.

But what is this booklet and what do you do with it?

A Mutterpass is a document used in Germany (and Austria) to monitor the health and development of a pregnant woman and her fetus throughout the course of her pregnancy and the early postpartum period. The word "Mutterpass" literally means "mother's passport" in German.

In the Mutterpass, you’ll find important medical information about the mother and her pregnancy, such as her blood type, previous illnesses or surgeries, and prenatal test results.

You’ll receive the booklet from your OBGYN or midwife (yes, midwives are able to also give you the Mutterpass) at your first prenatal appointment. You will have to bring it to each appointment. (You will also use for it any following pregnancies.)

As of 2022, there’s also a digital version of the Mutterpass and you may be able to choose between the paper version and the app (you cannot have both).

At each prenatal appointment, the healthcare professional will note information including (but not limited to) your weight, results from your urine sample, your blood pressure the baby’s position and heartbeat. Additional information is added after the baby is born and at the OBGYN checkup (6-8 weeks after giving birth).

It is a good idea to carry it with you throughout your pregnancy but especially during the last few weeks.

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