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Your First Pregnancy Appointment in Germany

By Lisa H

Last updated on 10 January 2024

Congrats, you’ve just found out you’re expecting a baby in Germany! Now you’re probably wondering about your first pregnancy appointment.

We cover the first things you should do when you find out you're pregnant in our article on Top 3 Things to do. TLDR: Go find a midwife first, then make an appointment with the midwife you’ve found or your OGBYN.

Your first appointment should take place shortly after your positive at-home pregnancy test. (Note that the appointment can be with either your OBGYN or a midwife, if you already have one.)

Here’s what to expect from the appointment:

The medical professional will go over three different topics with you:

1. A consultation

Your due date will be calculated and you will go over your medical history, such as previous pregnancies, any big surgeries you’ve had, your family medical history, your work, etc.

You can also ask any questions you may have.

2. A physical exam

The physical exam will cover the following:

  • The medical professional will determine your current height and weight, so they can keep track of your weight gain during pregnancy.

  • They will check the size and position of your uterus since this is where your baby is growing.

  • They will check your blood pressure.

  • They will check your vaginal secretions for bacteria to detect any infections.

These exams will be repeated at appointments throughout your pregnancy.

3. Lab tests

At every appointment, your urine sample will be tested for protein, sugar, blood and certain bacteria.

At your first appointment, you will also have blood drawn to determine your Hemoglobin (Hb) levels. These are your red blood cells and the value indicates whether your blood can carry enough oxygen. This is an important value that is checked at certain points during your pregnancy.

There is a range of other tests that are recommended and covered by public health insurance. Learn about them in our article "Recommended Tests & Vaccinations in Pregnancy in Germany."

You will also receive information on tests for toxoplasmosis, cytomegaly or the so-called first trimester screening.

All the tests are noted in your Mutterpass. Learn more about what a Mutterpass is.

What to bring to your first appointment?

Here’s a list of documents to bring to your first appointment:

  • Your vaccination card or booklet

  • Your blood group card (if available)

  • A list of all medications you are taking

If you have a Mutterpass from a previous pregnancy, do bring it.

It is also useful to find out in advance about any illnesses in your family, for example diabetes or high blood pressure.

Will I get an ultrasound at this appointment?

You will likely NOT have an ultrasound at this appoint. Your first appointment with an OBGYN or midwife should be shortly after your positive at-home pregnancy test. Your first pregnancy ultrasound, however, is not until around week 10 of your pregnancy, so this will likely be at your next appointment.

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