Kita Search Glossary

11 April 2022 | By Lisa H

As you’re starting your Kita search, there may be some words that you are unclear to you.

So here’s the Kietzee glossary to Kita search in Berlin (in alphabetical order):

Altersgemischt – mixed group with kids of different ages

Altershomogen – group with kids of the same age

EKT – Elterninitiativ-Kindertagesstätte, see Kinderladen

Elementarbereich – group for kids 3 years and older

Elterninitiative – see Kinderladen

Erzieher/in – Kita teacher (male/female)

Integrationsstatus – status for kids with special needs

Kindertagespflege – see Tagesmutter

Kinderladen (Kita) – a Kita run by the parents of the kids attending (Learn more.)

Kita – short for Kindertagesstätte (daycare center)

Kita-Gutschein – the voucher that enables you to sign a contract with a Kita (Learn more.)

Kita-Navigator – Kita platform built by the city of Berlin (Find out if you should use it.)

Krippe – Kita group for kids under 3 years old

Tageseltern – see Tagesmutter

Tagesmutter – Self-employed daycare professional (Learn more.)

Tagesvater – see Tagesmutter

What other words have you come across that we should add to the list? Email Lisa at [email protected]

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