Should I Use the Berlin Kita Navigator?

By Lisa H

Last updated on 16 July 2024

In 2019, the Berlin Senate launched a new version of their Kita search tool, which they call the Kita Navigator. Should you use it? And how does their information vary from the information you can find on Kietzee? Here’s the basics:

  • The Kita Navigator features the full list of all Kitas in Berlin

  • You can use it to research Kitas near you and build your list

  • It has good filter options

  • You can submit requests through the Navigator (more on this below)

Sometimes, the advanced search is not working on Chrome – in that case, our community member Lauren recommends to try Firefox instead.

You will also see that the Kita Navigator shows open spots at Kitas BUT sadly the data is mostly incorrect 😢 (as Kitas don't update their profile on the Navigator).

You can send up to 10 requests to Kitas via the Navigator. Yet, many still prefer that you use their own forms and application processes, so I would recommend you only use for those Kitas that require you to use it (and contact the other Kitas via their preferred methods of contact.)

Also, 10 requests may not be enough – learn how many applications to send.

So, there is a few scenarios where you should use the Kita Navigator:

  1. To research Kitas near you and keep track of your applications

  2. When a Kita specifically asks you to submit your request through the Navigator

  3. To apply for the Kita voucher (2-9 months before your desired start date)

In addition, you can use the articles and Kita reviews on our site to guide you on your journey. We also have a video tutorial about how to find a Kita in Berlin that is available to Kietzee members.

Hopefully this was helpful – send us any questions at [email protected].

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