Kietzee Checklist for Your Kita Search in Berlin

3 May 2019 | By Lisa H

As a parent, the Kita search process can be hard to navigate. So we've put together a checklist which starts at research and ends with you finding the perfect Kita for your child!

Before your child is born

1. Research Kitas

📌 Tip 1: Find out about any new Kitas opening (and let us know too!)
📌 Tip 2: Find out if there are regular open houses and drop them in your calendar

Find the right Kita in your neighborhood:

After your child is born

2. Contact Kitas

📌 Tip: Try to apply as early as possible but note that most Kitas won't allow you to apply while still pregnant

3. Apply for the Kita voucher

📌 Tip: If you want to speed up the process, drop your application off in person or make an appointment and bring all your documentation with you

4. Follow-up with Kitas

📌 Tip: Observe Kitas in your neighborhood (such as at local playgrounds) to see if you like their approach – maybe you’ll even become friendly with them!

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