How Berlin Kitas fill their Spots

By Lisa H

Last updated on 10 January 2024

You may have wondered what system Kitas in Berlin use to organize themselves and to fill their spots. So here's a quick guide to how, when and why Kitas operate and allocate their spots the way that they do.

Of course, there's always exceptions to the rule so check with the Kitas in your neighborhood. And keep in mind that they do what they do to create the best possible environment for the kids, teachers and parents 🙏

When ⏰
  • Kitas generally have most of their spots to fill starting in August when the oldest kids start school. You're looking for a spot to start in the winter? Check out our tips in this Kietzee article.

  • Most Kitas allocate their spots in the spring so that is a good time to follow-up with them.

  • Waitlists are closed when a certain number of applications have been reached so sign up as soon as you can after your child is born.

How 👶
  • Some Kitas have a separate Krippe (kids aged 1-3 years) and a Kindergarten (3-6 years), others have mixed groups (1-6 years)

  • Most Kitas take kids from 12 months and up or older although some take them a bit younger or older – check the details on the Kita's page on Kietzee

  • In Berlin, there's many bilingual Kitas. We're working on a search function so you can filter by language – stay tuned!

  • Kitas may apply one or several concepts (such as Montessori) - check their Kietzee page for details

Why ❓
  • You may see or hear that Kitas are specifically looking for boys or girls of a certain age. The reason for this is that they generally try to have a good mix in terms of age and gender, and fill their spots accordingly.

  • You may have also heard that Kitas have open spots but they've already been allocated. This may be because younger siblings of kids already attending the Kita usually get preference over new families.

  • Most Kitas prefer families with full-time vouchers for financial reasons although at our Kita, for example, there's a bunch of families with only part-time vouchers!

  • It may be easier to find a spot for slightly older kids (3 and up) as many Kitas have additional spots in Kindergarten.

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