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How & when to get started
How to build your list
What type of Kita is right for you?
Sample application letter
How to do your follow-ups
How to evaluate a Kita
How to get your child settled

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We've hand-picked a selection of local companies. They offer fun, useful products and services for you and the kids. Most are parent owned and many are Berlin based. Treat yourself.

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These are some of our favorite products and we've tried and tested them all for you 🙂.

Who We Are

Hi there!

We’re Jeff and Lisa, an American-German couple living in Berlin with our two young children. Our youngest just finally started Kita 🙌. Kietzee is a tips and review site for Kitas in Berlin that emerged out of our struggles to find a good Kita spot for our daughter and the desire to help other parents navigate this complicated process.

It started as a simple spreadsheet Lisa shared with fellow parents. Now it has grown into Kietzee to help even more parents.

Jeff & Lisa

PS - Reach out any time. Email us at [email protected]

Learn from parents that have been through it. Meet parents going through it now. Find more time for youself.

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