What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for the birth

By Lisa H

Last updated on 16 July 2024

As your due date is getting closer, you will want to pack a bag to bring to the hospital or birthing center. It is recommended that you have it ready 6 weeks before your due date.

See below for our list below of what you will need to bring to most Berlin hospitals.

If you plan on an outpatient birth (ie leaving 2-3 hours after giving birth) or going to a birthing center, you may still want to pack all of the below in case you end up staying at the hospital after all.

(Note that most hospitals will provide diapers, wipes, and clothes for the baby while at the hospital. They will also have nursing pads, postpartum pads, mesh panties and breastfeeding pillows.)

Important documents

  1. ID card, health insurance card and Mutterpass

  2. Documents to apply for baby’s birth certificate if you can do so at the hospital

  3. Cash and credit card

For the delivery room

  1. Wool socks, hair ties, straws for easy drinking if the hospital does not provide these

  2. Snacks and drinks for the birthing person (easy to consume such as muesli bars) and for the partner

For your hospital stay

  1. Any medication you need, glasses (no contact lenses allowed when you give birth)

  2. Comfortable clothing such as loose-fitting/nursing tops, pajamas, and robes, loose fitting pants

  3. A nursing bra (1-2 size bigger than your usual size should work well)

  4. Slippers, socks, flip flops for showering

  5. Personal care such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and any other personal care items that you may need (make sure they are not too heavily scented)

  6. Toilet paper (in case the one at the hospital is not soft enough)

  7. Check if you’ll need to bring a towel for showering

  8. Your phone and charger

  9. Items for the non-birthing partner if you get a family room

Baby clothes for the way home

  1. Onesie, jacket, a hat, a burb cloth and blanket

  2. A (pre-installed) car seat if you’re taking your own car

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