Interview: Meet Tal from IT'S July

13 September 2022 | After Your Baby is Born | By Lisa H

In this interview, meet Tal, the co-founder of IT'S July, a platform which connects families while traveling and at home.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Tal Provizor Narkiss, and I’m the co-founder & CMO of IT’S July. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I am the mother of 3 little ones. 

I was born and raised in Israel, but had a few years with the family in Texas, USA, and also in London. 

I love to spend time with my family, travel the world and explore new places, and connect with new people from different cultures and learn about them through experiences.  

What is IT'S July and how did it start?

IT’S July was founded during 2020, at the start of the pandemic, with the vision to change how families meet & travel. The company was founded by Tamar Liberman (CEO), Lee Winfield (COO) & myself - Tal Provizor Narkiss (CMO).

We believe that as families, no matter where we travel, or even on weekends in our hometown, we are always in search of unique, local, memorable experiences.

What if you could give your children a lasting lifetime experience in every destination you ever visit? The memories we make act as happiness anchors for our children’s personal growth.

What was your inspiration for starting IT’S July?

We know that making new family friends & unique experiences can be hard, and IT’S July makes it simple. 

Making new and meaningful social connections as a family is not easy, to say the least. It requires a lot of time and effort, and in a life where everyone is busy juggling at least three balls in the air, there is barely enough time to plan leisure activities and make these meaningful connections.

This goes to the extreme while traveling. Research shows a major growth in people's interactions while traveling, getting familiar with locals and landscapes.

Looking forward, travel will be less about where you go and when you go, and more about who you are with and what you can do together. Moreover, 80% of families are looking for local experiences while traveling, and want to expose their children to different lifestyles, new cultures, and make new friends. 

Also, the digital revolution over the past decade is greatly impacting the ways we connect and communicate with others. More specifically, social media and person-to-person messages are radically changing the way we interact; matching apps included. While researchers still debate regarding the long-term impact of digital technology on social connections and how good (or bad) it is, we can be certain that these newer communication technologies aren’t going away.

How does IT's July work and how can our Berlin Kietzee community get involved?

IT’S July is a new match-making platform for families. We facilitate families to make empowered connections with like-minded families anywhere in the world - whether you’re looking for family friends in your hometown or want to explore new destinations via locals while traveling. 

Our mission is to enable families to establish new friendships, explore different cultures and create unique and special experiences for and with their children.

IT’S July is an AI-powered matchmaker that uses algorithms to find the best matches between families. It analyzes the information from the family’s profile to give the best-personalized results.

Thousands of families have joined IT’S July, and every day across the globe families are meeting and sharing unique experiences together - a picnic in the park, a joint hike in nature or a playdate at a local playground. 97% of families who met their match via IT’S July state they will meet another match and will recommend it to their friends.

Families open a profile on IT’S July and share all about their family, who they would like to meet & what they would like to do. >>>>> IT’S July will do the magic to match the family with their best match for a joint experience.

Families with young children, such as the ones in the Kietzee community, are the ones to most likely enjoy an It’s July Experience. We would love for every family in Kietzee community to join It’s July and find their family match - whether looking for new family friends or unique experiences when in the city, or when traveling abroad.  

Thanks, Tal! Learn more about IT'S July.

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