Getting Ready for Kita – What to Buy

By Lisa H

Last updated on 10 January 2024

Congrats! You’ve secured a spot and are now preparing for your child to start Kita 🥳 One of the most frequent questions we see is what things parents should buy for Kita.

Every Kita will send you a list of things they need you to bring when your kid starts but there’s a few things that you will find on pretty much every list:

A small backpack

We adore the Affenzahn animal backpacks, which are very popular and of good quality. They have a "Kleine Freunde" edition for the little ones and "Große Freunde" for the older kids.

House shoes/slippers

There's lots of different brands of "Hausschuhe." For the little ones, “grippy” socks or leather "Krabbelschuhe" work best in our experience.

Rain gear

You'll need a full set of rain gear (pants, jacket and wellies) to store at Kita for those rainy and wet days. This means you'll have to buy two sets - one for home and one for Kita. There's lots of different brands – I find Tchibo, Ernesting's Family, H&M and even the Lidl or Aldi own brands etc. do the trick.

Change of clothes

Our kids went through A TON of clothes in the first couple of years at Kita because stuff gets wet, dirty or otherwise unwearable… It got better once our daughter was 4 years old or so but up until then, we had at least 3 sets of outfits at Kita at any given time 🙃

A water bottle

We like these from munchkin but again, there’s lot’s of different options. When buying think about usability, sustainability/durability and (one of the most important factors for me personally!) whether they can go in the dishwasher!

A favorite stuffed animal and/or pacifier (if applicable)

If they have one they need for napping or otherwise.

Plus, labels for everything so the things don’t get lost! You can use stickers or stamps or a marker. (I like the stickers option for any clothes I might want to resell but they only work well for clothes with labels.)

Also, keep in mind that clothes can get quite dirty and potentially torn while playing at Kita, so I would not recommend buying anything expensive for Kita (an exception in my book are warm wool items and good shoes and hats for the winter!).

Last but not least, for environmental (and financial) reasons consider buying at least some of these items second hand. I like Vinted and Ebay Kleinanzeigen as online sources. You may also try Or, look for a second hand shop in your neighborhood or a (kids) flea market on the weekend.

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