Berlin Prenatal Yoga Classes in English

05 September 2022 | Before Your Baby is Born | By Lisa H

If you're pregnant and looking for a prenatal yoga class taught in English, here's an overview of what classes are currently available in locations across Berlin (both online and in-person).

A couple of notes:

If you're new to yoga, it is recommended you wait till the 12th week of pregnancy to start your pregnancy yoga classes. If you've practiced yoga before, be sure to adjust the exercises as needed (or ask the teacher for modifications).

Also, did you know that some courses are certified by your health insurance so you can get part of the costs reimburses?

Check with the studio to see if this applies to their course. (This is generally the case if it is a closed, live course running over several weeks.)


Prenzlauer Berg




  • Viva Studio (in person, the instructor teaches in English and German)



Online Only

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