The Ultimate Kietzee Kita-Gutschein Cheat Sheet

By Lisa H

Last updated on 10 January 2024

Now that you know how and when to apply for the kita voucher, it’s time to actually fill in the application.

This can be a tedious process even if you speak German and it’s even harder if you don’t. So we’ve created the ultimate cheat sheet – a step-by-step English translation guide on how to apply for your Kita-Gutschein.

Start the online application process

Go to the Berlin senate online application page to get started.

If you have a service account on, you can log in with your details (Start der Datenerfassung über mein Servicekonto) and some information will be pre-populated in the form for you.

Otherwise, choose the second option (Start der Datenerfassung) to continue without logging in.

Step-by-step application guide

Step 1: Child’s Details

Embedded Image

Step 2: Details regarding the required care (hours)

Embedded Image

*Try to get a Ganztags-Gutschein (7-9 hours) if you can justify it as this is what Kitas prefer since they receive more money! (see Step 4)

**Selecting “Nein” here is not a bad thing! In fact, it could improve your chances: If a Kita has a certain number of kids that don’t speak German at home, they may receive additional funds.

Step 3: Information about the parents/applicants\

Embedded Image

Step 4: Details regarding your entitlement need

Embedded Image

Note: This step is only required/shown if you want a voucher for more than 5-7 hours, which you should always try to secure if you can as this is what Kitas prefer!

Step 5: Overview of all entered persons for the child / Add more persons

Embedded Image

Step 6: Enter more children / Copy over caretaker information

Embedded Image

Step 7: Review your entered information and submit

Embedded Image

Step 8: Mail in form and documents

Even though you’ve entered your data online, there is one last step:

Submit, print, and sign the form. Then mail it to your assigned Jugendamt (or drop it off in person).

An overview of all district Jugendämter can be found at the bottom of this page.

All set! Good luck and all the best for your kid’s Kita start!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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