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How to Choose a Hospital to Give Birth at?

By Lisa H

Last updated on 10 January 2024

If you’ve decided that you want to give birth at the hospital, here’s a guide on how to decide which one to go to.

We also include details on the information sessions and pre-registration deadlines. Once you have narrowed down your choices, see our big list of Berlin hospitals with maternity wards and all the deadlines and processes!

This article is written in collaboration with Julia Zehavi, owner of Julia Cares family services.

Which hospital to choose?

When looking at what hospital to go to, there’s a few criteria to keep in mind:

  • Distance from your home / travel time

  • Availability of a neonatal intensive care unit if this may be required or would make you feel safe 

  • Approach to childbirth/ baby friendly certified hospital

  • Availability of special features such as a tub for a water birth

  • Availability of family rooms

  • Nursing and general baby care support

  • Impression when visiting

  • Reputation and recent reviews from other parents

Think about such things as how long you will be willing to travel once labor has started and whether you want to go to a “traditional” hospital or one with an “alternative” approach.

Note also that some hospitals do not offer delivery for premature babies. (In case of premature contractions before week 34, please call an ambulance or go to one of the big hospitals.)

Visiting a Hospital

Most hospitals in Berlin will offer regular information sessions for soon-to-be parents – however, some of these have been suspended due to the pandemic or moved online, so it’s best to call or check the website for the latest updates.

These information sessions are a chance to learn more about the hospital’s approach, speciality areas and the logistics when labor has started. It’s also a chance to have your questions answered.

It’s a good idea to attend the information session early on so you can learn about next steps, such as pre-registering for your birth.

Why pre-register? 

Pre-registering is not mandatory for most hospitals but has a few advantages:

  • The hospital will have your details on file when you arrive so you won’t have to fill out any forms during labor

  • You will have a chance to ask questions and meet one of their midwives

  • You might be able to visit the delivery room

  • You can tell them any individual wishes such as a water birth or that you’d like a family room (if available)

See each hospital listing for when to register – you’ll notice there’s a big range (from week 12 to 35) so best to inform yourself early on and make a note in your calendar!

Most hospitals will want you to bring your health insurance card, your pregnancy booklet (“Mutterpass”) and any other relevant medical documents. Some also require a referral slip from your OBGYN – check our overview to confirm.

Now that you have a good overview of the criteria and available information services, go ahead and view our big list of Berlin hospitals with maternity wards and all the deadlines and processes!

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