I Got Offered Multiple Kita Spots – Now What?

20 April 2022 | Kita Search | By Lisa H

It may feel at times like you will never get a Kita spot but you would be surprised how many families actually manage to get more than one offer!

In our case, we received 4 or 5 offers and we even have an interview with a mom who got offered 7 (!) spots.

So what do you do when you have multiple options? How do you decide which one to take?

Below is a real life example of a family trying to decide between two options for their 1-year old child:

One was a small Kita and they had a very positive impression of the staff – the kids seemed to love them and they were very nice to the family’s baby. However, the space felt kind of cramped and overwhelming with just a small garden outside.

The second option was a bigger Kita with lots and lots of space, both inside and outside. Their “Krippe” group (kids aged 1-3) was much bigger than that of the first with 22 little ones. The director who showed them around wasn't as friendly and didn’t engage with their baby at all. The couple did like the fact that they do offer special projects like wood workshops.

Both Kitas were the same distance from their home and had the same summer closing period of 3 weeks. Both offered vegetarian meal options.

They loved the staff at the first Kita and had actually already signed a contract with them. But now they were having second thoughts and wondered if perhaps the bigger Kita offered more opportunities for their child to learn and develop their skills.

Here’s the advice they received from the community:

“I would go with number one. You saw how they treated the children and that’s the most important thing.”

“I'd go with the 1st option - the facilities come second to how they make my child feel.”

“I would also go for option 1 – a loving environment is much more important early on when they're little. You could always switch when your kid is 3 or so as that's the age they would start being interested in wood workshops etc.”

“Small kids in particular can get overwhelmed, and it's much easier to focus on individual needs when there are fewer kids. Small kids need lots of attention. So I’d go for option 1.”

“A Kita big or small, really doesn’t matter much for babies under 3. But the teachers and the environment does. If you felt the first one was caring and friendly, definitely the first one. We were also lucky to get options so we chose the ones where the caregivers were friendly and could connect with my baby, even though it was a big Kita. You will just know it instinctively.“

“Take the first one!!! Staff is everything! If they were loving with the children and your baby already seemed happy there then that’s so much more important than wood workshops. I’m sure they also go regularly to the playground so the space issue won’t matter so much.”

All commentators except for one (who said toss a coin 😅) “voted” for Kita number 1.

Of course, the situation may have been different for an older child, especially if you know they like to run around, have different rooms to explore and a big outdoor area to play in. But in the end, the relationship between the teachers and children is super important. You and your child will need to be happy for them to go there every day, feeling lived and cared for.

You can check out our article on "What Type of Kita is Right for You?" to decide what your priorities are in building your list, contacting a Kita and ultimately choosing the right spot.

Finally, check if there's any reviews for the Kitas you're looking at on Kietzee!

Hopefully this is helpful if you’re in a similar situation!

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