About Us

Hi There!

We’re Jeff and Lisa, an American-German couple living in Berlin with our young daughter who just finally started Kita 🙌

Kietzee is a tips and review site for Kitas in Berlin that emerged out of our struggles to find a good Kita spot for our kid and our desire to help other parents navigate this complicated process.

It started with a simple spreadsheet Lisa was using when looking for a Kita. She decided to share it with fellow expat parents. After some encouraging initial feedback, we decided to turn it into a full Kita reviews website and focus on two specific pieces of information that are not readily available elsewhere:

📌 Application tips for different Kitas
📌 Peer reviews for Kitas

It would make us so happy if other parents would also share their feedback on the Kitas they’ve been in touch with during the search process and the one they finally got.

If we all add some reviews, then we'll have a really fantastic resource for fellow parents to utilize in their search 😁

We hope this is helpful and we’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks 🙏

Jeff & Lisa