About Us

Hi There!

We’re Jeff and Lisa, an American-German couple living in Berlin with our two young kids 🥰

When we moved to Berlin, like most new and expecting parents, we struggled to figure out the local system and to secure all the help we needed.

We built Kietzee out of our desire to provide future parents the type of platform we would have loved to have when we were expecting our babies. And oftentimes, Kietzee feels like a third baby to us ❤️

With this platform, we want to make it easier for you to find the resources you need at this stage in your journey, whether that is during pregnancy, your baby's first years, or for your Kita search.

You will find articles on all the relevant processes and paperwork as well as a directory of vetted professionals (our growing list of Kietzee Guides) who can support you all steps of the way.

You will also find opportunities to meet with other likeminded families, who you may share a joint language with, age of your children, neighborhood, hobbies or work interests.

Use our free resources or join as a member to find a dedicated community of international families in Berlin and to access all your articles on your personal journey timeline.

We're here to help you thrive and not just survive!

We hope this is helpful and we’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks 🙏

Jeff & Lisa

PS: Reach out anytime to Lisa at [email protected]

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